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Appartement 35m2

Apartment for 3 persons

Les appartements sont équipés d'une chambre, une toilette une cuisine équipée d'un réfrigérateur, plaque de cuisson, micro-onde. Appartement est pour 2+1 personne avec lit d'appoint. Les appartements sont situées à 100 mètres des plages Solaris à vol d'oiseau. Les avantages: TV- satellite, internet Wi-Fi et parking gratuit.


Appartement 125m2

Apartment for 6 persons

The apartment is equipped with 3 bedrooms, toilet, kitchen equipped with stove, refrigerator, microwave and dining area. The apartment is designed for 6 persons. The apartment is located 100m air line from the beach Solaris. Features: Satellite TV, free Wi-fi and free parking.


solaris beach resort

Plage de sable

solaris beach resort

Plage de sable

solaris beach resort

Plage de sable

solaris beach resort

Lounge bar Palma

solaris beach resort

Dalmatian Village

solaris beach resort

Dalmatian Village

solaris beach resort

Dalmatian Village



walking trail in st.anthony's channel

Sentier de randonnée St. Anthony Manche

In July 2013 walking trail was opened for all visitors of Šibenik through St. Anthony's Channel - one of the many attracitons that made Šibenik very famous. It's long about 4.5 km and because of hilly area walking through channel takes about an hour. It's beauty lies in the magnificent view on Šibenik and whole channel in all directions. Also, walking trail connects St. Nicholas fortress with land. Apartments are located about 5 km away from walking trail.

st.Nichola's fortress in st.Anthony's channel

St. Nicholas forteresse

St. Nicholas fortress was built in the mid-16th century on the entrance of St. Anthony's Channel, the narrow strait which ledas to Šibenik. Main reason of its construciton was when Skradin fall under assault of Turkish soliders in 1522. From the fortress you can see whole length of the channel and panorama of the city of Šibenik. If you want to visit fortress you can use the walking trail trought St. Anthony's Channel. Fortress is 5 km away from the apartments.

St. Michael's Fortress is one of four Šibenik's fortresses

Fort St. Michael

St. Michael's fortress is situated on a hill, 70 m above sea level. She is a recognizable symbol of the city of Šibenik, and as such, it bears great cultural-historical and spatial-urban significance and represents significant architectural heritage of Dalmatia and Croatia. She offers a magnificant view of the city and on summer she turns in summer stage where are held numerous events and concerts.

Barone Fortress is one of four Šibenik's fortresses

La forteresse Barone

Barone Fortress was built in 1646 on Vidakuša, the 80 meter-high hill above the city. Along with the other three fortresses in Šibenik, it represents a unique defence system which resisted the enemies of the city for centuries. Today, it has an exceptional monumental value recognized across Europe. From the fortress you can see whole old town Šibenik and the entrance of St. Anthony's Channel.

national park Krka whit beautiful waterfalls

Parc National Krka

The national park is a unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including a lagre number of preserved ecosystems. The purpose of the park is to serve science, culture, education and recreation and especially for tourism activities for its visitors. See more at National park Krka.

National park Kornati has 89 islands

Parc National Kornati

Kornati islands are islands located in central Dalmatia, west from Sibenik and south of Zadar, within the Šibenik-knin county. The archipelago consists of 150 islands in an area of 320 km2. See more at National park Kornati.

primošten is known for it's wineyards and club Aurora

Municipalité Primosten

Municipality Primošten is located on the south of the county, between Sibenik and Trogir. The town is known for its vineyards, the traditional donkey races and the beach Raduča, which was voted one of the 10 most beautiful Croatian beaches. See more at Primošten.

beach with beautiful view on old town of Sibenik

la Plage Banj, Sibenik

Beach Banj is Šibenik's public beach from which you can see the old town centre. Banj is a beautiful pebbly beach with numerous facilities that is ideal for children and also for all sports lovers. Beach Banj is located on the west side of the town.

beach in Brodarica with beach bars

la Plage Rezaliste, Brodarica

Beach Rezaliste located in the immediate vicinity of our apartments, more specifically in Brodarica. Beach Rezaliste the pebble beach is ideal for all ages. Resting on the beach, you can drink coffee in the beach bar Fjaka, or take a snack in its fast food.

Boîtes de nuit

night club Hacienda in Vodice

Hacienda - Vodice

Hacienda nightclub is located at the entrance of Vodice. It is open throughout the summer and provides plenty of fun. Every year there are many well-known local artists who preforms pop, rock or pop music.

night club Aurora in Primosten

Aurora Club

Aurora is one of the largest and most famous Croatian nightclubs, located just 2km from the Primošten town center. The club is open every year from June to September, when you can hear performances of the famous local and foreign performers. See more at Klub Aurora.

night club on beach Banj in old Sibenik

Makari club - Šibenik

Makari Club is situated on the beach Banj. During the day it is ideal for relaxing in the sun with coffee, while at sunset becomes a nightclub.The club is for those who like homegrown rock or pop music, but also for those who enjoy entertaining or tamburitza music.


one of the closest restaurants to our apartments

Restaurant Baron

Restaurant Barun was opend in 1985 and it's still one of the best seafood restarurants in Šibenik region. We prepare Mediterranean and Dalmatian specialties, primarily shellfish and crabs, but also meat dishes. All dishes are prepared with domestic food and we bake them on the fire made from natural wood. Also we grow fruit and vegetables on our own.

pizzeria and restaurant

Gastro Italiano

Pizzeria Gastro Italiano is located in the close vicinity of our apartments. The menu offers a variety of pizzas, but also cooked and grilled dishes and much more. With an excellent selection of dishes, we organize and parties with live Dalmatian music.

household in Pakovo village

Etnoland Dalmati

Ethnoland Dalmatians is a rural household located in the Dalmatian hinterland. Throughout the year we organize daily and evening programs of entertainment and relaxation. The menu consists of traditional Dalmatian food like baked dishes, prosciutto, or a homemade red and white wine. See more at Dalmati

household in National park Krka

Maison rurale Kalpić

Rural household Kalpic is located near to the National park Krka. It consists of six typical stone Dalmatian house. In their beautiful gardens, and the Mediterranean climate they also offer domestic Dalmatian food and drinks. See more at SD Kalpić.

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